As Senior Editor at Popular Science, I edit the Manual section, which covers fun DIY projects and amazing makers. In addition, I edit longer articles for the website, write about physics and space, produce videos and podcasts, and develop new video franchises. Finally, I make media appearances to talk about recent stories. Below, you can see me on CBS This Morning, talking about Popular Science's Insane Ideas issue, and you can hear me on Science Friday's News Roundup.


Formerly, I worked as a freelance science writer, podcaster, and video host. As a freelancer, I wrote articles for Inside Science and did multimedia work for Scientific American. This included writing, recording, and editing 60-Second Science podcasts, and writing, hosting, and running social media for the space news series The Countdown. Although my background is in physics, I've written about all kinds of science from asthma treatments to quantum computers.

While majoring in physics at Carleton College, and doing some research along the way, I decided against the specialization that graduate school requires. Instead, I began working on writing, with a science column in the school newspaper and a summer in the media office of Brookhaven National Laboratory. After college, I earned a AAAS Mass Media Fellowship, which I spent at Scientific American in New York City. Since then, I have worked at a variety of prominent science and technology publications, including Discover Magazine, APS's Physics Central, io9, and Popular Science. Samples of my work are available on the portfolio page.

In my spare time, I like to read, learn about the gorier bits of British history, and go rock climbing. I also enjoy researching the origins of fairy tales, which inspired the podcast Tabled Fables.

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Click here to read my written work, listen to my podcasts, and watch me talk about the latest space news. My full CV is also available.

Tabled Fables is a monthly fairy tale podcast that I created with Amy Kraft. Learn more here.

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