As Senior Editor at Popular Science, my responsibilities range from print to web to television. I take charge of all of our DIY coverage, run the infographic-centric science section Charted for print, write about everything from physics to survival techniques for the website, and contribute to podcasts and videos. Finally, I make media appearances to talk about recent stories. Below, you can see me on CBS This Morning, talking about Popular Science's Insane Ideas issue, and you can hear me on Science Friday's News Roundup.


Previously, I worked as a freelance science writer, podcaster, and video host. I've created stories for outlets such as Inside Science, Scientific AmericanDiscover, and io9. Although my background is in physics, I've covered all kinds of science, and am equally comfortable writing about asthma treatments and quantum computers. Check out some samples of my work on the portfolio page.

In my spare time, I like to read, learn about the gorier bits of history, volunteer with New York Cares, and take in as much theater as I can afford. I also enjoy researching the origins of fairy tales, which inspired the podcast Tabled Fables.

Got any questions? Contact me here!