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Early Work

Previously, I've interned at Discover Magazine and the science news and culture website io9, earned a AAAS Mass Media Fellowship at Scientific American, spent a summer in the media office of Brookhaven National Laboratory, and written about science and other topics for my college newspaper, The Carletonian. On this page, you can find links to this early work.

AAAS Mass Media Fellowship at Scientific American
Summer 2011

While still enrolled at Carleton College, I applied to the AAAS Mass Media Fellowship program and earned a placement at Scientific American. In the summer of 2011, I attended orientation and then began researching and writing news articles, posts for the staff-run Observations blog, and image features. Towards the end of the fellowship, I even recorded my first podcasts.

A full list of my news and magazine pieces is available here. The pieces I wrote during my fellowship include:


Blog posts:


Image features:



Brookhaven National Laboratory media internship

Summer 2010

I spent the summer of 2010 interning in the media office of Brookhaven National Laboratory. I primarily wrote both science and human interest stories for their weekly newsletter, The Bulletin, but I also contributed a few stories to the “Science Highlights” website for one of the on-site resources, the National Synchrotron Light Source. I even tried my hand at writing a press release, and a Symmetry magazine article.

The Bulletin science stories:


The Bulletin human interest stories:


National Synchrotron Light Source Science Highlights:


Press release:


Symmetry magazine:

Carleton College's Carletonian
2007 - 2011

During my years as a physics major at Carleton College, from 2007-2011, I also contributed to Carleton’s weekly student-run newspaper, The Carletonian. I started with occasional articles, and eventually established my own science column. My senior year, I helped maintain the paper’s online presence as web editor.



Science column:

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