Samples of my written, audio, and video work, which have appeared in a number of print and online publications, are available below. You can also find samples of my work on my LinkedIn profile.


I’ve written numerous articles about physics and other scientific fields for publications including Scientific American, Popular Science, Inside Science, Discover Magazine, and Gizmodo. For this written work, I pitched, researched, reported, wrote, and edited.  

Scientific American

Popular Science


Inside Science: D-Wave Computer's Solution Raises More Questions

Discover Magazine: Older Dads Give Good Telomeres, But Longevity? Not So Much

Gizmodo: How long ago did we finish domesticating horses?


I've been interested in audio work since I built sound effects for college theater productions. As a freelancer, I pitched, researched, wrote, recorded, and edited podcasts for Scientific American's 60-Second Science. At Popular Science, I helped develop and script the podcast Futuropolis and provided audio as the "voice of the archives."



60-Second Science


Although I started out by telling science stories through writing and audio, I soon began producing videos. I wrote and hosted The Countdown, a bimonthly space news series on Scientific American's SpaceLab channel. At Popular Science, I produce social videos, cover events like Maker Faire, and develop video franchises such as Rebuild and Build It.