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Tabled Fables

Tabled Fables is a monthly podcast that dissects fairy tales to find out what they mean, how they've evolved and what makes them stick.

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Tabled Fables has gone on hiatus. Unfortunately, creating each episode takes a lot of time, and at the moment, Amy and I need to focus on paid work. We hope you enjoy the existing episodes as much as we enjoyed making them!


Each episode focuses on a different tale type, from Red Riding Hood to Jack and the Beanstalk. I research, host, and produce the podcast with my collaborator, fellow science writer Amy Kraft.

You can subscribe on iTunes, and catch up on past episodes through our RSS feed and on our SoundCloud page. I've also included two sample episodes on this page.

In addition to the monthly podcast, I post fairy tale facts, trivia, art, and videos on our Tumblr-hosted blog. On our Twitter account, I share these posts, along with outside fairy tale news articles, and conversations with other storytellers.

Questions? You can reach us through Twitter and Tumblr, or via e-mail at tabledfables (at) gmail (dot) com.

Episode 8 - Sleeping Beauty

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