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At Popular Science, I write and host Build It, a DIY video franchise. As a freelancer, I wrote and hosted The Countdown, a bimonthly space news series on Scientific American's SpaceLab channel.

Popular Science


At Popular Science, I developed, write, and host Build It. I also supervise our production of social videos; use video to cover events such as Maker Faire; and develop franchises such as Rebuild, a series about DIY that you could use in the apocalypse, and Amped, an animated series about the future of energy. You can find these videos at, on YouTube,  Or check out a few of my favorites below.

Smoke Rings In A Bottle

Links and more information here

Smartphone Hologram

Links and more information here

Potato Chip Speaker

Links and more information here

Scientific American


I researched, wrote, and hosted The Countdown. You can watch all of the videos on YouTube or at Scientific American. Or check out a few of my favorites below. I've also written and hosted an episode of SA's Instant Egghead series.

The Top 5 Strangest Things Ever Shot Into Space - The Countdown #47

Links and more information here

5 Essential Facts About Gravity Waves from the Big Bang - The Countdown #44

Links and more information here

5 Everyday Products Developed from NASA Technology - The Countdown #41

Links and more information here

What Does the Universe Sound Like?


More information here

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